Friday , January 21 2022

Vaccine – Adult vaccination should be provided


In the long run, several new vaccines can be confronted, in particular, with a cold suspension, reports the Journalen magazine.

The proposal was presented to the Ministry of Health and Health by a report by the Norwegian Institute of Health (FHI).

FHI offers a new vaccination program for adults.

The goal is for adults who do not take vaccines for children who are able to get them. In addition, recipients are always offered tasty dishes to maintain their efficiency. The new program, which is over 65 years old, offers a vaccination program for pneumococcus.

According to FHI, these measures lead to less use and less use of antibiotics.

qualification doses

All children's vaccines do not provide life-saving protection. Therefore, all adults are advised to take a vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pulsus, and poliomyelitis every ten years.

FHI emphasizes that this relates to all adults, not to those who think of traveling abroad.

Refreshing doses are important for personal protection, as well as for the immune system in the population.

To date, it is necessary to monitor its own vaccine and to find out if it needs to be replenished. There are also costs to be taken by the individual.

In its web pages, the FHI writes that after the vaccination, illnesses such as polio and diphtheria can now be returned in Norway.

Here you can check the vaccines

If you have doubts about taking the vaccine and you need a refreshing dose, all vaccines in your health care workshop will be available in

You can find it in other medical services such as recipes.

You can check the vaccine status of your own and your children under the age of 16.

Information is based on vaccination, which indicates that the practice of healthcare, general practitioner or vaccination is registered in the national vaccine registry.

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