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Viking has written to a private audience: – The Stavanger will be opened with a winning team


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The SR-Bank Arena boils on Sunday after a 3-1 victory over Kongsvinger, while providing the Viking series with the Elites series. Extreme Viking advocates attacked the road and celebrated their heroes.

The competition for the first time ever since 1986 was the highest compared to last year. In Division 1, the situation in the past year improved so much that the club increased the number of homes.

"We avoided the fear of falling. Post-match visions show that the region has potential. We have the desire to further expand the next season, "says Viking Communications Manager Eirik Bjørnø.

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Last year's home games of the Elite series attracted 7380 spectators. This is amazing, 7900. This is equal to 7.04% increase.

Growth is unique in the Obos- Since 2013, the decline in the high standard has hindered the reduced indicators for all groups.

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But for Viking it was the opposite.

"It depends on our team that won Stavanger's greedy team. There was a fantastic "disc" and "visit" among our fans – says Bjorn.

In his opinion, the club has made normal price adjustments for season tickets and season tickets.

See table 1 in the following table for the following table:

Two big parties

Roar Eckoldund is backed by Viking's Viking Hordes club. It is amazing how many people are fighting. He thinks that Kongsvinger (15 900 spectators) and Sands Ulf (15,835 spectators) on 16 May have had a great impact on the number of public fights such as martial arts.

He also says that something has been done for the audience to grow.

"Maybe Viking is too big for the 1st Division. We are ready to do more here – we have heard similar stories from Bergen and Oslo (Valerieen, 2001, Part 1). People want to bring the club back. We were at home on the same level, "Åkerlund says.

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Good foundation

The fans are proud of how they participated in the jubilee season. The natural goal is to shake more and more in the battle while the team plays in Elitesérient in 2019.

– The match is a good base for yesterday's match. It was nobody able to write well, the final goals and drama. He took the boiling stadium. There was a long struggle. They have been trusted, "says Eckoldund.

The head coach knows that the team will need it next season. If not, the audience will fall.

"This is Stavanger. People are attracted to sports success. If not winning, the audience failed, but most of the players in the match in 2018 were basically there and regardless of how they are going. The success of the year is at least a good base for selling seasonal tickets.

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