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Are Fortnite Ready? PUBG for PS3 threatens Sony fans this day | Video | PlayStation 4 | Player tag: Battlegrounds | Battle Battle Royale Video Games


The record on the PlayStation official blog has been announced in more than a year after the popular Battle Royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, called the PUBG, finally came to the Sony console, PS4. Computer and Xbox One.

What is PUBG?

PUBG is a popular Battle Royale, which is the scene where the world's first gamers can beat the scene and never imagine the genre. The first ever platform in Steam, each of which has reached a record level, for example, the only video that has been accessible to at least 1 million daily players per day for 365 days.

PUBG PS4 pre-order

How is the Fortnite different?

PUBG It differs from Fortnite, but it shares many elements.

PUBG's Mechanic Battle Royale knows you've learned it Fortnite: 100 players get into the big map from the plane map (PUBG has 3 maps in different ecosystems) and tries to get weapons for protection and killing. A safe rotating area will be reduced on the map at one point.

But let's deal with disagreements. Inside PUBG There are realistic weapon mechanics. The bullets went off, weapons were exhausted and accessories were purchased, if you want to be competitive. There are a great variety of elements to protect against attack and grenade protection caps, which can serve as a protective shield. There are also good motorcycles, including motorcycles (with side chairs), sedan cars, jeeps, towers, boats and ski jumps.

The the main difference The portfolios are not based on Fortnett's construction. One of the key defense strategies in Fortinette is building. PUBG will have to learn to use the environment and will have to learn to position. Mobilization is very dangerous, but there are many feelings Delighted.

PUBG ps4

Although the PUBG first appeared in the beginning of 2017, despite the fact that its popularity has been reduced to a variety of factors (Fortnite), it is still a continuing video game with a big and important ventilation base. If you have a PS4 and you never trust the Fortnite, H1Z1 or the Battle Royale genre, the PUBG can be a game that expresses your love for the genre.

Pre-order packages

The PUBG starts on December 7 and comes with a three-card map of the computer:

Erangel: Located in Eastern Europe

Miramar: Towards the desert of Mexico

Sanhock: Located in Southeast Asia.

Waiting on Later snow map. The game contains all the features of PC, such as personal games, rating system, event mode, trophy and more.

Not about this, and then the version of the predefined version available on the Xbox One.

Pre-orders are available in these methods:

Disc Publishing:

$ 29.99, includes a basic game.

Payee digital edition:

$ 29.99, includes a basic game.

Digital Edition:

$ 59.99, includes a basic game survival: Vicenni, 2300 g coin, 20000pp.

Champion of digital edition:

$ 89.99, includes a basic game, survival: Vicenni, 6000 g coin, 20000pp.

Yes pre-orders you accept them bonus:

Nathan Drakekin's (Uncharted) deserted skin:

nathan drake skin pubg ps4

Backpacks from Elli's "From the last moment" (in the game).

backpack ellie ps4 pubg

Your avatar and PUBG theme for PS4.

ps4 avatar

topic pub4

Here you will find the video of the professional PUBG player WinghavenIsTheMan in YouTube, so you can imagine how fast this game is and how useful it is.

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