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Cancer of the lungs, the most dead: kill more people than breast, colonies and prostate cancer


Cancer recipe is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the world, exceeding the number of breast, colon and prostate members, and in many cases diagnosis When it is very difficult to treat the latter, Infobae reports.

Dangerous people

Anyone person it is exposed to the risk of lung cancer, but it increases smoking, the effects of radon gas, air pollution and environmental smoke,smokers are smokers », According to the American Lung Association.

About 25% of cancer patients are found among patients no smoking, smoke, asbestos, and oncogenic viruses Argentina Respiratory Medical Association.

According to the American Cancer Association, people with a disability are aged 55 to 80, smoking history for 30 years or their alternatives.

On the other hand, the trend has changed, although lung cancer has had a major impact on men and smokers.

"While most adult smokers still show the majority of patients, the proportion of women with lung cancer has increased, most of them smoked and not young.– said the pulmonologist Iris Boeras Navarroreports Infobae.


When it is suffering from a pulmonary disease, it looks cough, blood loss, short breathing and chest pain.

Coughing is a symptom of oncological diseases.

X-ray or chest scanning can also cause lung damage nodes or suspicious tissue mass.

In any event, the latter diagnosis is possible only by suspect tissue analysis biopsyDr. Boeras explained.


Avoidance of harmful substances such as those mentioned above and low doses are recommended for computerized tomography, especially for people at high risk.

Timing allows tomography to be effective.


Apart from conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy immunotherapy It has recently been used as an effective treatment.

Immunotherapy strengthens the body's natural defense system that protects the body from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

Other types of therapy based drugs eliminates cancer cells, ceases its growth and prevents it from spreading to the body. They are harmful to healthy cells rather than chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Cancer of the lungs, the most dead: kill more people than breast, colonies and prostate cancer

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