Tuesday , October 4 2022

Client finds three teeth in a McDonald's hamburger


These parts are about four to eight millimeters long, and the American company does not know how they got to one of their orders.

Canadian Health Center (Ishikawa, Japan) McDonald's customer reported that the eggs found in McMuffin hamburger eggs last Friday were part of a damaged human teeth of four to eight millimeters. Achion.

When the victim came to feed the sandwich he understood the situation: he realized that he had some seductive substance and decided to give it to power.

Salad Consumption of McDonald's Causes Cyclosporation in the United States Approximately 400 Approved

The sanitary facility received an official report from McDonald & apos; s headquarters in Japan. The list of restaurants has also explored the Japanese plant in Aichi Prefecture, another headquarters in the United States.

Even though he does not know how the tooth has been handed down, a Japanese representative said that they will work.

TR, 09.11.2018

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