Friday , September 30 2022

Coca-Cola begins energy drinks with a strong ingredient rather than caffeine


The world's largest non-alcoholic beverage company announced its readiness to launch on Thursday energy drinks he is called "Coca Cola Energy Company"And"There is no Coca Cola Energy Sugar"And it will develop together caffeine natural origin and extract Guarana, an antioxidant plant that has fourfold caffeine than its coffee.

The company has taken care of itself energy drinks because they are subject to legal disagreements after the death of young people.

Coca-Cola's official representative said that he expects the British arbitration to be resolved. Monster Coca Cola is currently a major shareholder. The company's new line of energy drinks is on the market for direct competition Monster and the initial agreement for 2015.

"We have presented to the Inter-Parliamentary Chamber the difference between interpretation, which is Coca-Cola and Monster initial agreements ", – said the press secretary.

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