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Dragon Ball Super: The first official photos of the following hours appeared [SPOILERS] | Pictures of Manga Toyotaro | New Season Photo 1 to 28 | Anime


Toyotaro The back was closed at the end Power Tournament within manga including Dragon Ball Super. There was an epic final battle between Goku, Vegan and Freezers. Jiran, but they also came unpublished images what happens new to you

In other words, the mangaka decided that it was a good time to go back Dragon Ball Super. You can find the set of pictures gallery from the top of the note. We warn them spoilersAlthough it is only Japanese, you will find out what the story will look like.

The manga including Dragon Ball Super If we know it, the history has changed. Vegeta became one of the finalists Jiran, with Goku and Freezer. As expected, Android 17 I was still in the sand, so I won Power Tournament.

Worlds are restored Goku and Vegeta naturally Earth. But some visitors come unexpectedly into space. This "Galactic PatrolThe Milky Way Police band punishing those violating the law.

Dragon Ball Super so the next will start with you, and soon it will reach you anime. All this should take place after the arrival Broke and its intervention in history. Therefore, first of all, we recommend watching the movie before you read it Toyotaro.

If you can not wait long, we'll just tell you this. Captive Patrol Prisoner& # 39; Nowadays the above mentioned characters are known Earth hold Majin Boo. Maybe for the absorption Daikaioh, the mighty god Universe 7.

But no one expected it Goku and Vegeta He did not get them easy, and he did not try to stop them. Dragon Ball Super He started a new conversation, perhaps with another powerful evil to win.

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