Thursday , September 29 2022

Election promotion | Carlos Bruce on leaving the PPK: "I took this decision on July 28"


Congressman Carlos Bruce on Saturday, July 28, said he had made a decision to refuse Peru Cambi (Ppk). This is after President Viswanga's statement about constitutional reform aimed at promoting the elections through referendum until 2020.

Inside On SaturdayBruce said it was scaring that this "country" did not conform to the constitutional terms of the presidential and congressional era. In this sense, the parliamentarian questioned the question of whether to accept the presidency of the republic if he thinks that these treaties should not be applied.

«I took this decision on July 28th When I see the President (Martin Visar), the elections should be improved, so the Constitution must be changed, "said the legislator.

Carlos Bruce said that the decision to leave the ruling party was made to the "several congressmen" of the PCC. They were advised to wait several weeks before talking to the Head of State. However, according to him, the efforts of the colleagues "did not work".

"We have seen during this period the first vice-president's resignation … leaving him unilaterally on July 28 and not announce the start of the presidential election. One of the aggressions to the Vice President is to address the issue of Baguazo. What can you do next? It was clear from the executive that he was hostile to the congressman "he said.

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Carlos Bruce said Head of the state is not interested in official benches That is why he controls it. In addition, the congressman said the Cabinet would not take part in the discussion and what the president would do.

"Now what's up with us? The president has two or three people, which is very dangerous. The seat did not know about this offer (election preparations), and the first vice-president (Mercedes Arrooz) seemed to be clear from the pictures, and the crowd stopped clapping and stopped because he was not informed, "he said.

The official expansion has warned The PkK stand may be lost anytime the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Salvador del Solar, has rejected the assertion against the government.

"Prime Minister Yensenia Pons insulted, resigned today, the chair is lost today (…) so I propose to apologize to Prime Minister Yesenia Ponkand it is now that the chairs are over, "he said.

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