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Gilbert Violetta: "Those who say they are leaving will not do it" Politics


Since then, the ppkausa table is used iron. Gilbert Violetta resignation and re-election precedent Visa , but confirms that he has denied this opportunity.

Why do you hate the opponents of Banca de Peruanos por el Kambio (PpK)? Everyone asks for this.
As I am a spokesman for the press, we have acted as an order, and in other cases we are looking for meeting points that are missing. For example, during a conversation between Salvador Gerrés and César Hinostrose, Congressman Guido Lombardi urged Heraci to share it. When you place your order, Heresia is responsible for a series of attacks against me. Result: Heresi did not return to rubber, and Lombardy did not give his request. Finally, both men accused me and condemned me.

But does Patricia Donayr assure you that she is responsible for going to the PKK?
There was a difference in the law regarding the individual position. It has created thousands of people in the parliament as well.

Did he say that he was "cheerful"?
I never told her. Despite the absence of a pawn, it is absolutely false. We were at the Justice Commission, then in the Parliament, Carlos Bruce and Mercedes Aruba. He told me he was traitor, so I asked him to lie, and he said, "No." I said: "I do not talk to you, we talk on the stage, I do not listen to you". I talked to her and apologized to her, but she did not answer and went to the media. It is closed to me.

Listen, the PKK stand is a devil boiler.
All groups have differences and discussions. Public disclosure by the public will not be allowed. I do not know if they will be shamed, I feel this band and our role.

Heresie said that when he wanted to make a sound, he was different from the lack of traffic and support.
I think I did not support her at the request of Heresy Lombardi, because she thinks I'm too soft because I did not put her on the stage. The Lombardy raised his share, but never decided on it, saying, "Who can you ask for it separately?" Heres were invited only to talk; never went to the table.

They also condemn the reduction of the anti-corruption standard.
I have approved the law on constitutional reform law on restrictions on corruption offenses. I supported and directed the constitutional reform sent by the Executive and I and contributed to anti-constitutional actions against the two Mules Laws. Maybe because I was a spokesperson, they took me as a pinata.

Do three people get it in the pinta?
There are three people who have resigned for various reasons. Our booth is never easy. I took it in a difficult time, the PKK was against the ropes of the parliamentary majority. Arozo's office was PCM and Bruce. Several people have been resigned to apologize to Fabiuori. They unanimously elected me. Perhaps our co-operative has great personalities and great ego, which makes it difficult to administer.

Explain more.
What do parliamentarians think if the prime minister does not have a bank or a party in the government? They say, "I'm not comfortable on this stand because I hate it. I want to be independent of myself, so it talks directly to me. "

What do you agree about?
Voices, fact of recognition. On the photo, there are congressmen who want to open a small business, fly to the plane and become a great manager.

Do You Really Buy The Congressmen?
That was the whole life. In all regions, congressmen think that they can work, and so is not it; we are working, not laws.

About Villanueva's Speech?
We talk about it. I do not provide any details. For the referendum, I and Zeballos agreed with the president. Sometimes I've been criticized, but I've been saying that I can still protect it. In my opinion, the Prime Minister does not understand the importance of society.

He is a parliament.
This does not mean that you fully understand the importance of the parliamentary system, but you can ask for it.

Another complaint is the direct meeting of parliamentarians with ministers.
I do not share this comment. The congressman should not be allowed to have a meeting with the minister, on the contrary.

Mercedes Arauz asked him about the lack of coordination and recommended that Alan García be charged with committing a criminal offense with the RP technical team.
He apologized for the criticisms he made against me. She acknowledged that she should not do this and that she would have done it privately, if she had given her opinions. I beg your pardon and give it to you to overcome it. Indeed, he showed dissatisfaction with the technical team. It is also true that Congressmen make political decisions. Report not recommended, unpublished. But it is already lost. Subject is closed.

Aráoz was criticized for voting without adding Garcia.
True, he voted for the vote. We discussed this topic. The subject will then be applied and sanctions will be taken.

Other ppkausas will resign.
I do not believe We had a very important meeting with each of us about the behavior. The meeting was cruel, but we will work in unity and political unity. Those who said "I think about one's own unity" at the meeting assured that they did not leave. In the end, everyone has the right to make a decision.

Did you meet Vizkarra after this crisis?
No. I asked the expert to coordinate the meeting. We asked the media representative to be strong in applying the subject and the rules.

It's all about this …
He spoke evil. I hope to talk to him.

It was a sign that you sold the chair.
False, there is no proof that there is no rep. Now they have to say that there is election fraud, that is why Cavassa is hired to pick up the PKK.

Heresy said that.
This indicates that they do not know the electoral processes. It requires political debate.

He is responsible for hiring Cavassa for PPC.
False Carlos Portoerero hired him and showed him. It was paid by Alfonso Grodos, who oversaw the campaign.

Did you know that Cavaxa was there?
I do not think he has signed a lot of checks. Also, my sister paid for her. I was in the campaign until January. It was paid in December, March and April.

Kutszinsky, Visceral, and Aros said they did not know.
Ask them. I can say that the work of Iya Cavassa is not lawful, not illegal. I left the campaign because I was removed from the CPC.

Who distributes it?
They were at that moment. In December, a group of new people came and the campaign was monitored. I respected PPC decision.

He does not know Kavassi and his reputation can not be damaged.
This is speculation. They say that they fit.

Arauz has obliged you to be responsible for hiring Cavassa.
He refused. It is very easy for people to wash their hands when they are in such a situation. This was stated by Carlos Portocarreter. I did not know Kawassa's career and saw him from a distance.

How to Study Fuerza Popular?
Make sure that things go hand in hand.

Aros said they had received six million pawns for the campaign and did not know who he was.
Let Mrs. Arauz say. Contributions ONPE.

Fuerza Popular.
I believe that there are cases and cases, and the prosecutor's office will investigate all political parties. I asked for the campaign, everything was ordered.

You have become a campaign manager who has spent more than 10 million tabs.
Until January. We do not have a day I do not know how the money is. It was the initiator of the campaign commander Martin Wizkarra; Mercedes Aráoz, Degree and Candidate. I understand they think they are legitimate.

There was dinner.
We spend more on Fuerza Popular. The PKK has money. But not in public meetings, but in others. They will answer you.


He met with Kusinsky to become president of the CPCK party. Who accepts it?
He said he would take his license to make the transit stage. He has been chairing the party temporarily and at a meeting with CEN, and he sees what to do next Friday.

Does the visa make the first condition for this block to be removed from the "stabilized" Fujimourism interview and prosecutor Charwarri?
In my opinion, dialogue is always needed. Co-ordinated by President Daniel Salaverli.

But licensed Salaverry Fuerza Popular.
This is not a Congressional regulation. The President said that the issue of Chararri was a parliamentary vote. This is our anger.

The reservation?
I remove my word. Chairpersons of the Commission give priority to their work.

Is it possible that Vizarra will be re-elected, does the Constitution ban it?
Cajamarca has never been. The governor of the Lieutenant Santos accepted the governor because he was in prison. He postulated this election, and finally JNE said he would not hinder him, since he was elected. Legally, Vizcarra can enjoy the same legal rights. He always said that it was not interested.

BCRP President Vizcarra did not expect anything, since he was not ready to be president.
The vicar has always said he is part of the PPC government and has a government plan. The President of BCRP must be measured in his speech.


– Gilbert Violetta dismissed the members of the Congress on Tuesday after being dismissed from office in Cambiia as authorities in Peru.

"He leaves the post of president of the political group, founded together with El Salvador Heresy.

– At the moment, Violeta is studying the Ministry of State for the collection of quotas for pre-election PAC candidates. He offered his protection to Pedro Charvarie.

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