Tuesday , January 31 2023

In our country 13 cases of malignant tumors have been identified per day. – Notioccidente


  • The interest of doctors is in the middle of celebration of the International Day of Humanity.

Men's population may be lost in the fight against cancer, as according to the National Disease Registry, at least 13 people are diagnosed with this disease every 24 hours.

Some of the risk factors include poor diet, obesity, living conditions, smoking, alcohol, and certain genetic factors.

For professionals every year and every 40 years, you will have to start various medical checks, if they have genetic factors or have illnesses among their relatives.

We invite physicians to invite cancer patients in the prostate cancer center to celebrate the International Day of Humanity, which is celebrated worldwide on Monday, November 19th. .

Rolando Lorière, a radiotherapist, radiologist at the 21st Century, explains the importance of men who have been tested for antigen and digital rectal tract testing. Some 40-year-old men have to start and since men are 50, men are all recommended. Tests must be carried out once every two years and must be done every 50 years.

Early detection of prostate cancer allows patients to treat patients for five days, thanks to new radiation therapy methods. In our country more than a thousand cases of prostate cancer are detected annually, and about 400 people die from this disease.

High doses of radiation by radiochemical surgery are used to eliminate malignant tumors. This method has the potential to treat from 80 to 95%. The procedure involves the use of radiation beams by the patient without damaging organs close to the penis, urea and rectum.

The Siglo XXI radiotherapy clinic is the only high-tech country to perform these high-precision procedures, compared with traditional radiation therapy and cancers for five sessions that are more than 45 sessions.

In January-October this year, the Radiotherapy Center has treated 128 men, of whom 54% have patients with prostate cancer.

Among malignant neoplasms, men, skin, prostate, colorectal, gastric and lung cancer. Most of the dead were prostate, stomach, colorectal, lung and liver.

"At the moment cancer should not be synonymous with death, technology changes, people know more about symptoms, they know how to distinguish some of the symptoms, and that's a positive thing, because the people are awake and find early," Dr. Lori concluded.

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