Saturday , January 28 2023

Index: Price should be rounded to consumers for cash payments Economy Peru


National Office for Consumer Protection India Keep in mind rounding prices should always be made in favor of consumers cash payment, the Code of Consumer Protection and the Protection Code.

An entity makes this announcement after the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) to exchange five currencies cents In the case of cash in the CRC, the total amount paid will be rounded off in favor of the public.

For example, for example, if the product cost S / 4.75 at the moment of cash outflow, the product must pay S / 4.70 for the price.

I must say institutions can not use five cents as a refund, under all conditions of cash transactions, to observe the rules of circulation, for the purchase of goods or payment for services (public and private), in the interest of the consumer.

This does not apply to transactions that have been made through use debit or credit cards, bank transfers, expense accounts, penalties for actual amounts accrued to consumers.

On the other hand, according to Indippia, the institution can take consumer prices at a higher price, if that privilege is for charity, the provider should report what kind of organization is a beneficiary.

Even though the organization has quitted five cents a tie, it remembers their value. Therefore, its validity period is limited and is more than 10 cents in any subject of the financial system.

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