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Instagram: Nicola Porcella does not forget Angie Arizaga? The Warrior Edition is a surprise to all [VIDEO]


November 22, 2018, at 15:30.

The story between Angie Arizaga and Nicola Porcella lasted for some time. At the initial stage American TV, "Warrior" coincided with the popular "Bold". Both were glad to wear their best costumes and stay with colleagues.

However, the Esto-old Garra is an unusual video of Instagram's story. In the picture, you can see the truth of the guy, Lil Silvio and El Vega, "Qué tengo que hacer".

"What do I have to do to get you back?" I can not accept it, my baby is coming to me, I'm dying, and I'm going to die soon … I'll die soon … "says Nicola Porcela,

Although it is the same story, Las Casas's historical captain and truth daughter is far from perfect, despite the fact that both are part of the same TV program.

After the live broadcast, Nicole Porcello was the center of attention, and she returned to make the match with Anji Ariza.

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