Tuesday , June 15 2021

Jose Domingo Pérez: Disciplinary action against prosecutors is open for 60 days Politics

Lima's centralized internal control decided to initiate disciplinary action against the prosecutor of the province Jose Domingo Pérez, A special group dealing with the Lava Jatto case for administrative offense.

The 60-day event was followed by this interview Jose Pérez Gomes He presented the El Comercio newspaper and it was released on August 11. Luis Alberto, head of the centralized internal control department, asked for dismissal "for a maximum of 5 days" after being warned by Hermann Matte, and if so, he would be declared "rebel."

Perez: "If the prosecution is attacked, citizens should be careful"

Case of Caesarea Fujimori: Prosecutor Pérez says he relies on pretrial detention

In this exclusive interview, José Domingo Pérez said that "if the attack on an extermination, citizens should be careful." He also said he hopes the dispute will be resolved by asking for compensation for selling Chagla.

In the document, the prosecutor Hermann El Mercerrès interrogates Pérez, "If we can not condemn these corruption crimes, those who have suffered are the citizens. For me, we are at a crucial moment. […] If attacked on an attack, citizens should be careful. "

"It is a fiscal function for this office that is politically sensitive and should be foreign, since they are not limited to the possibility of considering the right of mainstreaming," said the Internal Audit Prosecutor.

According to the internal control of August 15, administrative offenses are "unlawful behavior contrary to the duties and prohibitions of police officers without committing a crime".

«(Jose Domingo Pérez) voluntarily proceeded with the special restrictive relations that resulted in the imposition of specific sanctions and prohibitions as well as sanctions imposed by law, "said the document on the functions of the prosecutor.

This is stated in the resolution Jose Domingo Pérez He also gave an interview to Canal N as a member of the Lava Jato special group in the provincial province, although he said he would be "as a citizen".

In this regard, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office thinks that José Domenico Pérez has made "fiscal offenses" statements.

Similarly, she believes that there are "reasonable indicators" to initiate a disciplinary proceedings for alleged administrative offenses to determine whether she committed a grave crime.

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