Sunday , August 7 2022

Josiar's wife throws a dancer against death: & # 39; Let's wait a long while & # 39; & # 39;


Just a few days ago, Janella Yondion surprised Jossimar in his social networks. Immediately, a 17-year-old dancer Angi Zapata published several pages near the singers with her heart-shaped "boomerang."

When asked about these meetings at "Magali TV, the firm," Gianella Ydonia answered: "I chose these glasses from my home. I was worried about the house, and I'm the lady of the house. " Then he adds: "Let's see how long it will last, for the bad start will end badly."

She also responded to Angie Zapata's message of self-love. "How can such a person talk about self-esteem if he is married? I am the wife of that master. (…) There is no blood on his face, "he said.

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