Sunday , June 26 2022

Juan Sheup due to the resignation of Guido Lombardi: It undoubtedly influences on stage


Congressman Juan Shepot that afternoon I regretted it Gio Lombardi Coming to the stage of Peru's Cambio (PAC), he said that the distance would "influence the power." In his latest report, the legislator believes that the vote will be the basis for the departure of the parliamentarian.

"We are sorry [la renuncia], after that Gio Lombardi The parliamentarians, who worked with the corrective law, offered very good bills, and this will undoubtedly affect the stand, but we hope we can adapt to this situation in the future, "he said.

«[[[[Lombardi]It can be said that there are some unanswered voices and some of the voices of members like Fuerza Popular and Apra are similar. Then it was a distance, "he said.

Sheput He said in his speech that before the legislator loses, he must show "sufficient stability" to be able to rebuild.

According to him, after that, the Peruvian residents of Cambia "should face our voices, our political views, especially corruption."

"Release is a political gesture that we can not estimate to a degree, and the resignation of the group is a matter of concern, in which case Guidio's resignation is fundamental," he said.

In the afternoon, the congressman Gio Lombardi he ceased to resign from Cambio's (PNC) election commission in Peru, claiming that the Government had "a small commitment to parent networks" and that "the President should not be shown to be worthy of his goals."

In this regard, he considered the issue of aligning the ruling party with the "bandana" vote, which seeks to protect political organizations on criminal cases.

"I do not need to be honored with respect for myself, and I do not need to join a group that is loyal to the main directions of the government, so I'm convinced that from the current position, President Viscara should not be considered worthy. "He kept in his letter sent to representatives of his former bank.

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