Sunday , August 7 2022

"Madame Magina poured, it 's a pitiful thing, it' s the trash of the TV of Peru," Adri Vainilla said. VIDEO | PHOTO Photo 1 | 3 | Shows


In the program Adri Vanilla – Who was the reporter for La Noche es Mía and Al Sexto Dia – criticized on a cable channel The Madame Madina and then with thick words Stephanie Valencia Magnetic & Compare with fish.

"I think The Magal (Medina) left Stephanie Valencia he did not refer to the physical and physical similarities between the fish and the two spikes, they were scratched, they were rubbish, you are out of the Peruvian TV, you and nobody else, "he began. Adri Vanilla

Adri Vanilla yes he was arrested The Madame Madina criticized his nephew Stephanie Valencia In order to get a botox, Maggie was able to pay for a "good surgeon".

"You've done about one million and you're going to try a beautiful woman," he said Adri Vanilla to the sisters of Valenzuela.

Finally Adri Vanilla about it The Madame Madina who is not "a beautiful woman inside". "You're just offended, and I think you've got it Stephanie Valencia She is a prostitute, and then you think you are a defender of women, Magdalena Medina, The speaker concluded.

Adri Vanilla

Adri Vainilla Magal has criticized Madinah. (Video: Instagram)

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