Saturday , June 3 2023

Mario Vargas Llosa problems with Spanish treasury


The periodic writer of the publication plans to show that the courts have a fault of the fiscal authority.

Spanish magazine in its digital edition Tuesday Vanitat, says State Agency for Taxation of Spain Read the Peruvian writer, Marios Vargas Llosa, 2.1 million euros.

According to Pepsi, Peruvian literature did not meet the requirements of the Spanish treasury, and his lawyers advised him to stop the debt, which is not included in the executive stage, but they must show that the Treasury is not the administrative orientation and the amount required. "

Accordingly Vanitat, Lloss asked the private mortgage for Treasury, "Approval of the home-based activities in Madrid, the celebrated property of Flora Street, Putting 280 square meters of library in the center of Madrid. "

However, this strategy has its own risks. In an interview with the Spanish edition, José Luis Groba, The president of the Association of Tax Inspectors said that the Netherlands could be used as a bridge to tax booths. Read also: Tax fraud from Marathon to Messi hurries the largest players in the world

"They are warned in Switzerland that they are now Dutch sandwiches, because Dutch cheese sandwich is in the midst of a dividend that leaves Spain a legitimate Dutchman who does not pay. then pay 2% and get them to a tax payer such as the Netherlands Antilles.

Vanitat, a list of properties that are authored by the La Fiacca del Chio book for fashion, royal house and celebrities. "Vargas Llosa lives in a horse from several cities, several years ago in Madrid, Paris, New York and Lima, all of which are in the best of every city."

Writer – sui generis is not the case. The list of famous people on the Spanish Treasury is wide. Here are some words: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Samuel Eto'o, James Rodriguez, Falco Garcia. Mourinho.

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