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Minsa recorded more than 8,000 types of diabetes mellitus in Peru in January-June


Can you live diabetes mellitus? Now, Celifa Castillo, 78, says yes. At age 29, you have a diagnosis diabetes mellitus Type 2, most common and 40 years old. "My dad was diabetes mellitus and he died at the age of 78 from a heart attack. I was one of two brothers diabetes mellitus He died at the age of 50 because his glucose rose and did not take care of himself. " For the sake of the thirst, hunger, fatigue and distress, diabetes mellitus. "He weighed over 80 kilograms and fed a large number of sweets. They told me about amputation and heart attack, and I was scared. My life has changed, I've been glucose diet and under control. I've been doing this for thirty years, "he adds.

57-year-old Baltazar Ortiz deserves to be a good man for the life of Selfo. Even if his father died diabetes mellitus, and six of her seven siblings suffer from the same disease, but only when the right leg infects the doctor. "I was afraid to go to the doctor and diagnose me diabetes mellitus. Now I have to catch myself, because I can not walk for four months, "he said.

"Glucose should be checked for anyone older than 40 years. If you have obesity, hypertension, or family history, it's even more, "says Jorge Calderon, president of Asociación de. Diabetes mellitus Peru.

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Find out how many people are there diabetes mellitus Ministry of Health in Peru (Minsa) has not yet been achieved. Association Diabetes mellitus Peru estimates that more than 1 million Peruvian people suffer from this chronic illness. PAHO estimates that 2,950 perforations per year die diabetes mellitus.

What's this? Minsa which allowed to determine the number of hospitals in the country. This is based on the Sanitary Monitoring Directive published in 2014 on the number of patients for hospitals and health centers Minsa.

According to this report, 8 988 cases were registered in January-June this year diabetes mellitus 99 hospitals, 95 health centers and 62 health centers. In 2017, there were 15,504 incidents. Among the most common complications are polyneuropathy, which affects the nerve and the legs diabetic.

"For example, people feel sleepy or kramping in their lower arms, or their feet are burnt by them, [esas] they need to be cautious diabetes mellitus"Said Jorge Hanco, Representative of the Minsk Group.

In addition to prophylactic glucose testing, Dr. Hangzhou offers a diet change, especially from children, to obesity and to combat it diabetes mellitus. "This idea is not to remove sugar but to modulate its consumption. Also, strengthening the muscles is crucial to performing swimming, cycling and even dance exercises. If you have a healthy lifestyle you do not need to be afraid of the disease, "she says.

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