Saturday , October 16 2021

Naruto: Masashi Kishinoto has identified the cause of Jiriah's death

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In general, the anime of the death of Jiraya in the series Naruto was one of the heaviest games for spectators. However, the author of the program, Masashi Kishinoto, the press service of the company informs & # 39; Legendarios Sannin & # 39; The target of the main character in the hands of the patient.

"Family Sasuke He was killed, so he wants to get angry with his heart. But it is Naruto It was not a practice. Later, when Naruto was deprived of his father like Jiriah, he first realized Sasuke's position. What would Naruto do there? "Said Kishinoto Designed for the ComicBook website.

Jiraia's death is the risk of falling into the heart of a loved one and falling into the Uchiha's shoes. It also helps save a close friend and grow as a human.

Naruto In 1999, the manga appeared, and then it was a continuation, Naruto Shippen, his TV series was released in 2007 and featured 500 episodes. So far, the conversation continues Boruto: Naruto is the next generation.

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