Tuesday , October 4 2022

Nouveau is a motorcycle cyclist who is drunk when he is drunk in Chimbote


Chimbote Online. – Buenos Aires police have been involved in a motorcycle taxi driver named Jonathan Rigoberto Montalvan Zapata (22 years old), who is drunk at Nuevo Chimbote in New York City.

The police conducted a dehydration operation at the height of the Metro shopping mall in 2018 for the Pacific Ocean. An average of 90 carriers, including 1436 FA cars, took part in the motorcycle ride.

The prosecutor of the provincial prosecutor's office in New York Rodolfo Salazar ordered Arajo Jonathan Montalvan to be arrested because he had a positive etiological test.

It should be noted that the motorcyclists were taken to Buenos Aires Police Department and an investigation into the alleged crime of general danger. (Central Record)

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