Sunday , March 26 2023

Óscar del Portal calls Silvio Valencia "foolish" and says he is "unsuccessful" Video | American football Pablo Bengoechea Sport


The war between sports journalists began. Óscar del Portal versus Radio Exitosa, the latest edition of Fútbol en América, which was last Sunday.

The driver was a sports journalist a few days before the incident Silvio Valencia, where he stood up against the DT. Alana Lima Pablo Bengojo, who managed to solve the problem well.

Eric Osorz congratulated Benjazeera on knowing how to get rid of interference Valencia, said Del Portal, who said that it was "a mournful laugh".

"It's not about style, it does not respect, I apologize, I do not respect all journalists, I'm not a journalist, so I can say," Del Portal says.

"It will not be happy for coaches, players or anyone else," commented América TV commentator, "Benghonce is a smart person.

However, Silvio Valencia It did not take long to respond. The unlucky journalist has posted on Twitter his "unsuccessful" From the portal.

"First of all, I thank the people's support model, there are two soccer commentators who have attacked, frightened and failed me … This is not a man but today I give my release."

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