Friday , June 18 2021

Patricia Donaire: "Initially, we were ready to support the president" Politics

Patricia Donayre he confirms his retirement Cambiou's Peruvianis (PAC) President Martin Visarka understood. Additionally, he does not consider himself to be justifiable.

– Do you think you will resign thanks to your conscience?
Congressman Violeta and Judiciary argued that although it was possible to join the debate, there were disagreements [que tipificaba como delito el financiamiento ilegal] in addition, it was an APRA project to ban the criminalization of the parties. This mismatch is otherwise specified.

– This is a lawyer's insulting statement, and it is added to it.
The phrase is the consequence of my actions. We did not approve of this opinion, and when I explained to my congressman, he said that whatever the congressman's point of view was, he was sad and ignored, and that he would be harsh.

"You called him a liar?"
It was not right, I never said it, apart from the hard words that most often do not.

– Violetta said it was not easy to give up.
I think this is the most difficult way. Most importantly, you can follow the instructions and follow the instructions that you disagree with. The most difficult thing is to be out of the scenario where a new group can not be created.

– How do you think the president of the PKK does not support Visa?
In my opinion, it should not be or not. Initially it was ready to do so, but there were situations that led to the adoption of individual principles on certain issues. One of them is about the parties, and the second is the report of the Commission's Lava Commission, not in the Standing Commission.

– Is the "Mercedes-Araz" party voted for Alan Garcia by Lava Jato?
The serious problem of Araz is an additional argument for making such a decision. When he acts as minister, he is responsible for actions that are politically approved at once.

– Does the Constitutional Court agree with the president that the decision of the Constitutional Court does not change the bilateral agreement?
The President's Visa is right. The TC decided to make amendments to the Constitution, not the congress regulations, due to the constitutionality of the Congressional Decree and the recommendation of the people. Variations can not be made.

"However, some of his former colleagues, such as Violeta and Carlos Bruce, said that under her leadership, the TC rescued more than twice.
In my opinion, they are trying to maintain hypocrisy, as they are important reforms. However, they were sinful with excessive enthusiasm and did not have enough time to show that they did not relate anything to the other.

– Are you connected to another group or want to be independent?
I want to be independent. In any scenario, I can support and apply the Government's and all the positive initiatives directed toward the right thing.

– Did you tell about the resignation of the president?
I talked for a few moments [de renunciar]. As an executive government and a government, it deserves to explain who will leave the stand.

"What did he say?"
He understood my reasons. He always regretted these departures.

– What can be said about those who question their resignation and think that they are criminals?
They are wrong. Fenuվismism – sells it to a change of stand based on personal comfort, and I do not have it. If I did it for the second time, I would have learned to follow the principles. You know what is going on in marriage, if you have a husband who is going to marry, you will divorce. If someone else comes to you, do not you stay home?

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