Saturday , January 22 2022

Pedro Charwary says that at any time prosecutors can remove Jose Domingo Pérez VIDEO | Politics


National Prosecutor, Pedro Charvarisaid that he could remove the prosecutor at "any time" yesterday evening Jose Domingo Pérez but he says he does not consider it a "persecution" because he was called on November 19 by the leader of the People's Force, Keio Fujimori,

"Disciplinary situation [contra Pérez] functional mechanism, ie internal control, but whoever manages the institution, it can be eliminated, "he said.

«[No lo hago] because I do not want him to accept reprisals for quoting me […] Anytime [lo puedo retirar] If it proves that this person did not fulfill his role, the prosecutor's work must be transparent and transparent, and it should not be resolved, "he told Willax.

Perez has an open disciplinary procedure for criticism Pedro Charvari on TV.

According to the State Minister, Perez should ask him to give him the "opportunity" to get his claim within Fujimori Higuchi's investigation.

"I can not work with my rank but work together, and I will not go. What I do not like is self-sufficiency [del fiscal] "I speak with" National Chargé d'Affaires, Dr. Charvarie. " No, he asks me to give him a seat, a chance, to ask for my application, "he said.

"This is a single investigation"
Pedro Charvari, and sent his comments to prosecutors Sandra Castro and Rocio Sanchez, accused of being members of a criminal organization Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto.

He stated that he had "courage" to refer to the former High Criminal Court judge, Cesar Hinostroze, who was arrested in Spain.

"I did not change Callao's prosecutors because I can do it, just to make this process transparent," he said.

"As a legal person, I am awaiting the relevant process, and I know that they have the ability to act, and I know at one time that this is what determines the responsibilities of those bad officials who are being investigated and pre-investigated. he will do it, "he said.

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