Sunday , April 18 2021

RBR decides to keep reference rate at 2.75% Economy

The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) has published its decision interest rate The link is at 2.75%. He also noted that inflation is the inflation trend and inflation trend
they are in the target range.

According to the country's main banking organization, this measure was mainly driven by a 12-month inflation expectation (at 2.4% in October), lower than the low economic activity commercial war Between the US and China.

The central bank has shown that the interval of inflation is expected to remain within the target range and around
2.0%. Therefore, the organization believes that maintaining a broad range of monetary policy is "the level of economic activity below its potential."

On the other hand, the RRC noted 0.08 percent of inflation in October, and increased from 1.3 percent in September to 1.8 percent in October 2018. Non-food inflation level Energy was 0.06%, while the international rate remained at 2.1%.

The money-credit agency also showed that most business expectations were in an optimistic department in October.

Finally, although economic activity is less than the potential for CDC, the organization has highlighted the recovery of economic activity indicators in the past month.

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