Saturday , January 28 2023

Ricardo García is a record holder


The number of Ricardo Gorka grows. He continues to work well with the Peruvian team and has to extend his history as a coaching bicker. The DP was beaten yesterday with Costa Rica, the 52rd party of the Tiger defeated by Peru, and beat national diving player Marco Calderon (51).

According to experts, the best indicators of Gareca are reflected in the love of the people. The national strategy includes 22 victories, 13 points and 17 losses. The numbers that were received in 18 games of Eliminatory and Repechaje before New Zealand and which allowed Russia to reach the 2018 World Cup, has been contested by three parties and has only one. Apart from Copa América in 2015 and 2016, Ricardo García and Ecuador will also cover Bicolor 2018, which is the two-time defeat of the "ticos", but the Tiger brand will not destroy anything.

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