Sunday , March 26 2023

Second division: Referees will not go to semifinals for debts


In the semifinals the second part, there is a big problem, which is because of loans, referees are not offered at the start of the first day of the nonpayment.

President Football Referees Union (APAF), Miguel Santivañez, which he sent to the President Professional football in the second division (ADFP-SD), Sergio Ludeña, they do not manage the rest of the tournament if they do not eliminate all their debts and travel expenses.

It should be noted that it will not be for the first time ADFP-SD, Sergio Ludeña. According to the report, the document was already sent on October 23 and 29. No response has been received yet.

The amount due to the arbitrators is S /. 258,100.00 represent the basics and concepts for payments and concepts. It's a match of the 20th match secondly separation until there is no dispute.

The first bout will be played in the semi-final, and on Sunday there is still no response ADFP-SD, as it is known, the term APAF Payments will be made before 7:00 pm Friday.

Second division: It plays in semi-finals

Note: Aldair Pacheco S. / Photo: Internet media

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