Wednesday , December 8 2021

See all Samsung ads today # SDC18!


Today we were in the opening ceremony Samsung Developers Conference At San Francisco's Moscoon Center. Some interesting things have been announced this day, some of them want to write with you, so no details are lost.

Split Phones!

After all, the thing that has to do is become reality … or something like that. Samsung has released its new screen Infinity Flex Display, which has the ability to bend without any problems. On stage, they showed a working phone with this screen, but its design was still hidden, but was glad to see the operation.

There are tablets, but much less

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that have not yet joined the market cut on their screens, but maybe a year will be quite different. In today's event, they have also unveiled the new Infinity screens, some of which have a smaller image, and there are no edges.

New Galaxy Interface: One UI Phones

Also, there are news for Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + or Galaxy Note 9, as they are the first to adopt a new Samsung interface called UI. In the next 9 months, Android 9 Pie's first beta-version will reach those teams in the United States, South Korea, and Germany.

Bixby in Spanish

Everything that has been promised for several months has become a reality. Bixby speaks Spanish even now, but unfortunately, he can only choose from Spain's diversity. She has been waiting for her local idiomas for some time.

We continue to search for news in San Francisco, so make sure you do not miss out on one of your official channels and social networks.

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