Saturday , June 19 2021

Sellers modeling the "funeral" of Mikhail Ricardo Velezmoro

Merchants from Lambayeque, they made a "funeral" simulation, Mayor Ricardo Velezmoro Ruiz completely denied the demands of repair work in the "Modell" market in this province.

The garments, hats and hijjahs were cut off and they imprisoned on the edge of a commercial polling station to dismiss the mayor's plans.

"We've said we're defending a market with a series of mobilizations. So we do it. Mr. Velezmoro has nothing to do with this job, which will be forced to see a new akim ", says traders.

Remember, municipal authorities warned traders that this project will still be implemented, irrespective of his permanent abdication. Even the mayor, in his statement to the media, still assured what work would be done.

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