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Sport Boys Against Sports Rosario LIVE VIA GOLPERÚ TELEDES ONLINE LIVE CLAYZOR Tournament Round 14 Callao | Photo 1 of 3 | Decentralized


Sports Boys versus Sport Rosario LIVE | VIA GOLPERÚ | TV ONLINE | LIVE | they play with a heart attack on the 14th day of the Clausura tournament. Rosados ​​fights for the first division. Thanks to the communication, they reach it. The clashes will take place at 8:00 am at the Miguel Grau-del Clano Stadium. Here you will find all the great goals, events, and more.

Rozados and Auriyazules are divided into five points, and are located in California, where they can be distinguished from their direct opponents. Significant minutes, statistics, events, goals, interviews and the results of the 2018 decentralized match.

Decentralized 2018: Clausura tournament standings and calendar day 14

Fantasy armature set Sport Boys against Sports Rosario On the 14th day of Clausurga, he did not think that at the moment there were six points left to play, and there would be five different wrestles in the fight for the first division.

But both football will be reflected in Miguel Grave, who is considered to be in the decentralized city. Sport Boys against Sports Rosario Every part lives in the life, because the Canalla victory lasts to the end of the last day, and the other effect is to direct it to the second division.

Sport Rosario he has no errors, especially in the last seven days he has scored as much as 21 points. Sports BoysHe also tried to wash his face after a defeat at the edge of the blind before the Bingeju in Moabing. Partidazo in Callada.

Sport Boys against Sports Rosario: Potential Equations

Athletes: D. Ferreyra, E. Ramos, D. Rangel, A.Rategui, M. Chang, N. Quina, E. Cucci, W. Watsquez, J. Herrera, P. Ratto and L. Tejada

Sport Rosario: L. Llontop, R. Andia, J. Tapia, E. Rossi, A. Vera, C. Uribe, P. Goyoneche, R.Tito, G.Tavara, M.Alvarez and G. Belandres.

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