Saturday , January 28 2023

Sporting Cristal: "Team" Mario Salas encourages his team before the end of the decisive final


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It was another day for Sporting Cristal in Florida. At the end of the experiment, Celeste dressed as a paintball player, and Mario Salas, the "commander", sent a clear message to his team.Playback is off& # 39 ;: "Your goal needs to be improved."

And that's right. In addition to some games, Sporting won more points for the Crystal Clausura tournament. This is a must for the final to win the national title.

Therefore, Mario Salas is better than a relaxing team because of the end of the championship FIFA Day. In that sense, he was instructed to be pulses of warfare and ready to do everything possible to achieve the goals set despite obstacles.

"Together we must fight. Good or bad, no other equipment is important. We must be strong, "he said at a special training.

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