Friday , October 7 2022

Tahoe Resources and Pan American Silver announce a Transaction »


San Rafael Field

Pan American Silver has announced its intention to acquire Tahoe Resources Minera San Rafael, According to a company that operates under the Santa Rosa deal, which may be completed by the beginning of 2019.

Tahoe Resources, The parent company of Minera San Rafael and Minera San Rafael, together with Pan American Silver, are interested in Tahoe Resources's shares, "the statement said.

Assuming that the two shareholders will agree to buy, the merger will end in January 2019.

Panameric silver The world's second largest silver mines with operations in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

"The mines in Latin America have over 25 years of experience and evidence of responsible actions, relationships with communities and governments, and consistent creation of value in the countries where it operates," said the mining company.

Minera continues to operate at San Rafael

Pan American's decision to buy Tahoe Resources is based on the belief that El Escobal will continue to sustain the San Rafael Minera field and continue to build value in the long run for the benefit of the community, partners, shareholders and the country. in general, pay special attention to the company.

In the near future, nothing changes in the work of Minera San Rafael. The Company participates in the consultation process of the labor organization's 169 (01T) convention, The administration of the Constitutional Court (CC) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MES).

Minera San-Rafael also notes that his plan for strengthening his community, the peaceful settlement of the blockade of Santa Rosa in Casillas, the continuation of environmental management activities and the implementation of regional development programs for El Escalade. after the consultation process is completed.

In addition, Panamer is committed to supporting the commitments made by the American Miner San Rafael in the consultation process, as well as the current efforts to build relationships and confidence. resumption of operations, recruitment of employees He again makes a statement about mining company to make San Rafael a major ally in the development of Guatemala.

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