Saturday , June 3 2023

Telefónica will create a subsidiary to sell its data center for € 1000 million



The company has 25 data centers in nine countries where it serves clients and Telefónica subsystems in Spain and Europe.

Pressure on Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallone, to lower the debt of Telefónica. According to financial sources, the company has developed a preliminary business cash flow plan for data processing.

Telefónica will be the business packaging company since data centers will be distributed to several subsidiaries. Operator Telefónica España and Telefónica Hispanoamérica will comment on their 2017 accounts, which include business data from data centers in Spain and Chile. Previously known as "other companies", Spanish Cinco Días reports.

After that, the sales directory will include the full or partial sale of the new subsidiary. The American Merrill Lynch Company has signed an agreement with Telefónica on the allocation of € 1000 million. The Telefónica representative refused to comment on this information. On Nov. 6, Bloomberg reported that the company was involved in distribution.

The company has 25 data centers in nine countries, serving telephonica consumers and subsystems in Spain and Europe. Together with them companies offer eight cloud services in Spain, 3 in Brazil, and companies in Colombia and Ecuador.

It also has one more major center in Peru (2), Chile (2) and Argentina (2), and Miami (United States) and Mexico. It provides hosting services, digital archives and business continuity.

The company works in several open spheres to reduce its debt. In addition to data centers, Mexico and Central America are already negotiating with their affiliates. Controls the last 60%. At the same time, he tested his own Argentinean and British affiliates and Telxius IPOs in 2016, but I can not end them for various reasons.

On November 8, he sold Antares to Catala Occidente for € 161 million. With this operation $ 90 million. Telefónica also has a digital domain, Tokbox and Digital Inc. has sold two subsidiaries.

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