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The fymmoresist majority welcomes the replacement of temporary teachers


Fourteen years after more than 14,000 interim teachers (after their pedagogical or vocational qualification assignment), the Congressional Education Commission affirms the vast majority of jobs previously occupied or vacancies if they already have that document.

The Ministry of Education (Minua), who knew it as a counterintelligence attack, has been rejected because it is a preliminary estimate of public access. Also, those who participate in the competition will also be affected.

In the Teacher's Law (1984), the "Interns" figure was applied to those who did not have pedagogical work. This measure was aimed at covering educational needs in remote areas. However, these professors were in a transitional position and had to adjust their access to a public education career on the accreditation of the above-mentioned academic document.

In 2007, the Law on Public Education stipulated that assignments should be made only through a public competition. In 2012, the Law on Teachers' Reform has set a two-year deadline for teachers to regulate their positions and assign their rank.

In November 2014, Mingueu gave a special assessment to 14 thousand 863 interns. Only 5 thousand 315 are registered. More than 9,000 people were not shown, only 546 had passed. As a result, 14,317 people were eliminated from the race.

At that time, some 9,000 people have shown that they have not been involved in the race in a timely manner, regardless of the evaluation and the state's reputation. They expressed confidence that UGEL did not register its documents.

One of the many arguments that the Education Commission has approved four bills: one party, one by the Fujimourist congressman Tamar Arimbor and two legislators, except New Jersey, Mario Cansio and Edgar Ochoa.

These are not the first initiatives. Five more projects were submitted between 2011 and 2016. All was given.

This opinion in the hands of the Plenary Session appears as a requirement for the title of professor, but does not specify the deadline for its receipt.

Fuerza Popular (Beteta, Arimborgo, Cuadros, Vergara, Robles, Dipas, Andrade, Lizana), Apra (Velásquez Quesquén), 1st New Peru (Edgar Ochoa), 1 Front Broad (Curro).

The Minister of Education Daniel Alfaro expressed his concern and asked lawyers to comment on the problem that may arise from this project. "They have been in the race for more than twenty years by showing their title. They take 14,000 places each year to prepare for the exam. "

According to Mingua, currently the number of trainees is about 6% of the current 234,000 teachers. In addition, the Education Commission makes only 5,614 of the actual beneficiaries, since more than 14,000, more than 2,000 are older than 65, 148 are the judicial system, and the rest are employed. More precisely, he was also asked. "Minuel says it is contrary to meritocracy, but in 2017 and 2018 he hired more than 6,000 trainees. Then they got the title. "

In this regard, the industry emphasizes that interns have been removed not only for their title, but also for a special assessment.

Ramiro Rococos, a professor at the time, believes the project has been a full-time teacher since 2001. "Minuel should have a look at who has gotten the title." The competition requires that competitions be guaranteed.


  • CNE's Martin Wegas, this project approval is very important and creates problems with parents and teachers. According to the law of the Association of Teachers of the Parable, Alex Paredes, the Ruling of the Rukhs was not correctly explained and vacancies were filled.

They discuss the extension of the registration

  • The Education Commission also discussed the initiatives aimed at regulating school enrollment for children aged 3, 4, 5 and 6 after March 31, and extending the school attendance until May 31.
  • The National Council of Education (CNE) noted that Martin Wegas should seek a solution that is not suitable for free speech.
  • Congressman Lucio Avila not assembled, saying that Mingus would return to his family and his rules would not be true.
  • According to Deputy Minister Susan Elfort, the registration date will be flexible until March 31. The president of the commission, Milagros Salazar, said that it had already been discussed at other sessions and would not be lawful. By voting she agreed to see her next Monday.
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