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The new Audi Q3: functionality and technology in a compact SUV PHOTO Trade | Wheels and Nuts | The car


New design, innovation in technology and great comfort. There are three characteristics that define this new one Audi Q3, The second generation of German compacts, which came in three versions: Attractive, enhanced, and release release.

The Cross-country Train it enhances the sporting skill in all aspects. An eight-angle single-frame grille describing the front side models Audi Q range, is one of the news in the third quarter.

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In addition, we can find different versions of the weather, including certain weather options, aggressive wheel arches, and headlights with LED technology. Audi Q3, among other news.

New Audi Q3 It also increased in its size. In this context, the length is 4583 mm, the width is 1,849 mm, the height is 1616 mm. The cabin offers a lot of space depending on the wheelbase.

Connectivity Audi Q3 Interestingly. In addition to design with external looks black panel and the MMI touch screen, Cross-country Train Compact offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible Audi smartphone systems.

The Audi Digital Clock Toolbar comes with a 26 cm screen, allowing the driver to adjust various functions through the Q3 central console.

New Mechanics Audi Q3 It consists of a 4-cylinder TFSI 1,4-liter engine with a momentum of 150 NP and 250 Nm. Thus, the compact accelerates at 0.2 km / h in 9.2 seconds.

This new release is now available exhibition hall in three different versions of the brand. The entry price is $ 46,990 (attraction), then $ 49,990 (Advanced) and $ 50,990 (Launch Edition).

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