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The Raider's The Shadow of The Wall is now available



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With the new stand, Square Enix Tomb Raider announces the location of the first DLC The Forge. Six other ways.

It's been a year since last October Ford, the new downloadable content The shadow of the wall of the wall. This is one of the seven DLCs that come in this and next months of the year. It can be accessed separately, but it can be accessed through it Go through the season this name. All depends on how convenient it is for us.

This is the first DLC in the shade of the Mogilev Ray

Tomb Raider shadow, advanced experience

If we buy it separately, it will pay us $ 4.99 Go through the season exactly equal $ 29.99 dollars. As of November 13th, this version is available for all versions. This is an account that will support the alert and the debit in the recent event X018 we can see some of these additional suggestions.

This is a new mission The shadow of the wall of the wall, Lara Croft a Murat invitation then the lava flows in large quantities. Any false step means death before melted rocks. Completed due to bad dropping and complaint. It should be noted that this issue can be used solely or in the company of friends. Thank you for cooperative methods.

DLC with a high degree of crisis and a good challenge

However, in this case, it should be compatible or end up in an accident. Lara finds out during this mission "Ancient Friend's Heritage". Who can be cured? This is totally unclear, but playback only content that you download is a suspicion. At this time and one of the biggest concerns when talking about the DLC, it is a place of storage.

Fortunately Ford including The shadow of the wall of the wall This is relatively small because it is only 3 GB. At this time, the next downloadable content for the game will appear in December, but its nature has not been determined. It might be a similar mission or something else, but it does not take much longer to doubt it.

Currently The shadow of the wall of the wall available Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and computer. If you are currently playing Ford, share your impressions. Thank you CB for more information.

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