Wednesday , October 5 2022

The recording of "2 of the Wizards of the Oxytos" began


The second season of the "Voytos Magicians" TV shows began with the expected wedding between Estrella (Melissa Paredes) and Juli (Sebastián Monteghirfo).

"I never thought that I would not have that experience. Estella and Julia's wedding are both a tragic and a tragic event. We are thrilled to have such a detailed and careful look. We hope that in the second season we will continue to love so much, "said Melissa Paredes, the main character.

Meanwhile, producer Michelle Alexander announced that this second part of the telenovela would bring a surprise. "We have made a strong scenario. Amazing. In addition, they include great talents, who worry about the main heroes. In this second edition there will be very close music and popular culture and perennial families, "he said.

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