Friday , October 7 2022

This may be the price of a PlayStation class in Mexico


In the middle of September, Sony decided to join the classic console trend in its first 20 PlayStation, which comes with 20 pre-loaded games and two controls. From his presentation, the product was said to come in December, and Mexico was one of those countries that he confirmed for launch.

Our country still has no product details, but today Gameplanet has published the console in its online store. Please specify Launched on December 14th In mexico

Christmas gift

Listed price 3 499 pesosRemember, in the United States, $ 100. The exchange rate is 35 pesos per dollar.


Several weeks ago we told you how to buy PlayStation Classic by import, which is through the Amazon UK Company and its price is about 6,900 rubles, plus an additional delivery time from 6th to 8th December.

The list of games has created eternal debates for games that are not scored. We'll be enjoying & # 39;Final Fantasy VII & # 39; Grand Theft Auto & # 39; Metal Gear Solid, & # 39; Tekken 3 & Resident Evil& # 39; among others.


PlayStation in Latin America did not provide the recommended price for the product, so it can not be considered an official price. So far, no official distributor puts a price mark on the consul that is waiting for a few.

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