Sunday , June 20 2021

Video | Mahu Pikchu: The Ministry of Culture denies paying the Peruvian people a lot of money

The Ministry of Culture reported that in July-August 2018, as announced on Monday, Makhu Pikchu will not pay for entrance to the historical temple. Directorate of Decentralized Cultural Direction of Cuco (DDC).

According to the director of the WSD Luis Nito Degregori, in July-August, national tourists will pay the foreign citizens the income, S / 64 S / 152 during the two months.

"The next year, we will start implementing a coordinated policy between the Ministry of Culture and the National Academy of Sciences making the trip a hindrance in July and August, where the pressure is too high, "he explained.

The Ministry specifies

However, the Ministry of Culture assures that There are no changes made to the Machu Picchu entrance fee both for citizens and for foreigners.

"The Ministry of Culture makes a comprehensive proposal for a plan for the re-planning and optimization of the tourist trip to the historical monument. Any changes will be made timely and officially"The statement of the Ministry reads.

The Ministry of Culture also said that Maku Pikchu had made the best decision to ensure that the unique and unique attributes that constitute the cultural heritage of humanity are consistently maintained; for lthe citizens' trip to the archeological monument is in good condition.

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