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"Walking Dead" 9×06 was a great surprise from Rick and Michonne SPOILERS | TV | Series


Rick Grimes is no longer "Deadly walk"But that does not mean that her legacy is dead." As it is seen in the sixth episode of the ninth season, Rickk lives unexpectedly, and then SPOILERS:

As the 9×06 episode indicates, Michon (Dana Gurira) was not only the daughter of Judith Grimm but also Rik's son. Boy, R. J (Rick Junior) was born after assuming he was dead on the bridge of the former Sheriff.

"We've seen Rick and Micon try to think about the future … And it seems to work," says Angela (Kang, an interviewer). When I say that it will happen, it's primarily unexpected. I thought it was very beautiful, the idea I could leave with my son … Heart is full, but it's beautiful because there's a new little Grimes "; actress Danaai Gurira was shown in the program "Talking Dead".

R.Zh. It also occurs after Rick's first child, Carl (Chandler Riggs). The latter, in the days that he is supposed to be dead, wants to be his father again.

But this Sunday was not the only single "Deadly walk"Because the episode has shown that Romance (Christian Serratos) and his father Gabriel (Set Gilliam) have a romantic relationship.


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There are two episodes preceding series breaks that are Whisperers, chapters offering new villains.

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