Friday , February 3 2023

"We are Chihuahua": Tigress el Oriente Vice President of Congress condemns "censorship" | Trends


The famous YouTube video host, La Tigresa del Oriente Vice President of the Congress, Leila Chiuan, is opposed to the "censorship" that she wants to impress on her latest "Estamos Chihuán" song. the congressman said his S / 15 600 ($ 4,700) salary was "insufficient."

A popular periodical singer today has been expelled from social media after the destruction of Peru for three years in prison for the purpose of intimidation by the Fujimori Parliament in the local media.

"I was very scared, because my notary made a request to remove my video from my social network, but I think it has never broken it," commented Tigresa del Oriente, Judith Busrus.

The singer for the first time explained that he had been in his first career and was initially afraid, but now he is calm after having received legal advice and does not know the cause of the complaint because the video does not show the wife's full name and his image.

"The Peruvians asked me to upload a video, so I hung it again because we have freedom of speech in Peru." Everyone heard that Peru did not earn her salary and earned some money, which was a joke. Many of the Peruvian people live in poverty, "Tigres said.

The Song of the Song is "It All Comes", its song basically a song from the Ace base in Sweden. "We are Chihuah, we do not have comfoys, we do not have chauvan, we do not have a ticket, we do not have a Chuuan, I have no debts.

"We – Chihuahua" last week, in Peru, there are social networking offers from the jokes and congressmen, such as "Play Mizio", offering colloquially the voice of Peru.

In this regard, on Wednesday, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), speaking on social networks, has shown that the term "Chihuah" is still a neologism that needs to be furthered into popular speech. in the next version of the dictionary.

The congressional statement that made that statement was made on October 24 in an interview with Perulu Radio Exitosa.

Leila Chihan said that participation in the Congress is "not economical" and that she "works with respect" because she does not believe that she is working at Congress.

"Before entering the Congress, I have everything, before my congress, my children are insured, and I do not live up to what I find in the Congress," says the former player of the Peruvian volleyball team, Chihuan.

"I can not get enough of it to make life more enjoyable, so I'm working not only in Lima but also inside the country," Chihuan said.

130 congressional S / 15,600 pallets (about $ 4,700) and S / 7,617 (approx. 2,300 US dollars) and S / 2,530 (approximately $ 760) are among the other concepts.

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