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What do I do when condoms are interrupted? Your doctor


When condoms breaks In a relationship, it may be due to a variety of errors, such as a poor fit or a wrong way to get it out of the roll.

Any spouse may be overlooked During the sexual intercourse breaks the condoms.

What to do if a condom breaks down?

The condoms This contraceptive method Although it is more effective and effective in the prevention of pregnancy and STIs, it may in some cases be unsuccessful. How can it be solved? Pay attention

1. When you notice a broken condom, you have to do it first sexual act and, most importantly, be patient.

2. To eliminate unwantedness, immediately rinse and rinse off the body with warm water remnants of the fetus.

Only use it with caution and water only because the wipe or the rupture of this area can cause the risk of mucosal damage, which can contribute to the spread of infections.

3. Most recommended Do not allow pregnancy In such cases, urgent tablets should be taken.

It is important to note that this can only be used in extreme cases only in extreme cases, which is not a stable method of contraception.

You can not overcome it twice a year, as it may have consequences for your health.

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4. If an incident occurs accidentally with someone you do not know, planning a review to avoid any risk with the gynecologist. ETS infection.

How to avoid condoms?

To avoid unpleasant times sexually transmitted condomsWhat's important is that you use it very well and you re-use it in every sexual relationship.

It is important that you check the expiration date overdue condoms It's easier.

Also, squeeze the tip to remove the air remaining when you place it, otherwise it will be easier to disassemble it.

When you use it lubricants, make sure that they are water, as the oil may damage the latex, which may cause condoms.

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