Friday , October 7 2022

Another two people were killed in Cotabato, a village advisor


COTABATO CITY – Rural advisor and two more armed men were shot dead on Gonzalo Javier Street, Barangay rosary highs on 7th of August attacked.

Senior Supt. Head of the City Police Department Rolly Octavio identified Barangay Rosary-Heitz as the 7th member adviser Tokan Malangalkas; motorcycle driver Abubakar Aian Ali, 31; and Dzhulba Amil Giyamal, 71 years old, a female seller.

Mamanagkas turned back on a motorcycle on the Gonzalo Javier street. According to Octavio, he was shot with guns on one side of the road.

"The official representative of the village holds the weapon in the mouth, chest and right, and the motorcycle driver has hit his right foot," Octavio said. As soon as he left, Guamal was shot dead.

Three victims will go to Kotabato Regional Medical Center.

Relatives of specialization have asked for secrecy, and they consider it to be the purpose of the pool.

Two days later, another consultant in that village was killed with armed people there.

On Monday, gunmen killed Barunay Rosary Heights 7 coordinator Jainudin Dimaojo and sent him home at about 5:30.

Dimao performed his motorcycle while on a motorcycle and on a black car, shot dead by armed men. He died there.

Inhabitants believe that routine attacks on rural advisors might be due to work because two of them were involved in an illegal drug trafficking in their village.

According to Ottawa, police and police patrols will be tightened to prevent such incidents. (PNA)

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