Thursday , September 29 2022

BI agents detained American fugitives



Detained in Parañaque City, an American immigration bureau (BI), charged with fraud by the American federal government.
Immigration Commissioner Haim Morente said that 81-year-old Harold Leigh Andrew was detained in his residence in the East Bay Residence on Sukath Road in Pankinake.
Morente was arrested on the basis of the order of Mr. Andrews's deportation order on the final deportation issued by the abolished and unpleasant foreigners.
She has been hiding in the US for more than five years and has extended her life since arriving in Manila in January 2013.
"We deport it as unwanted, over-exposed, and non-documented foreigners," Morent said.
Bobby Rakepo, head of the Office for Bureau of Investigation, has said that in December 2013, the decision to arrest a jury of the Baldwin County Alabama State was arrested.
Andrew was fired on numerous allegations of fraud, and he fled to the Philippines to avoid arrest and prosecution.
Morente said that Andrew was placed in a black list of his office to prevent Andrew from resuming his deportation.


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