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Black Friday and Cyber ​​Dushanbe offer many more


(CNN) – Of course, thanksgiving is the time to say thank you. But the days off on holidays – this is a definite retail therapy, especially for the discounted journey time.

Long weekend vacations, starting at Black Friday and continuing until Sunday on Cyber ​​Monday, were one of the most popular trails for buying Americans online.

What are the buyers buyers? Here are some of the things that are of interest to you.

There is little air

Thanksgiving Day is one of the biggest platforms for the weekend. Air carriers from all types of industries offer a discount on the bottom of each wallet.

The best way to get a plane deal: November 27, according to Hopper, is a program that uses data for predicting and controlling airports. Some companies called the date Travel Deal Tuesday. Certainly, on weekends, as well as transactions are expected to be available.

Some of these promotions will become one-off, cross-Atlantic flights. Others are 20% or 30% off on board.

RyanAir, the cheapest Irish airline, has popped up less than $ 6 in major European cities, apart from Dublin. Delta offers a variety of savings, including tickets from New York to Portugal for less than $ 700.
The Pacific Ocean has reached an act of announcing transactions that raise 60% of passengers traveling to Asia from the United States. More benefits are expected this week.

It is always important to read good media because it is very appealing to accept these suggestions.

Editor of TravelSkills Blog at SFGate in San Francisco, Chris McGinis, said that many agreements restrict travel time, which would really interest visitors if they do not care about traveling or returning.

"Cyber ​​is flying to a low season on Mondays, because of strong economy and demand for travel," he said. McGinnis: "In the first week of December and the first week of January, it's common to find common ground travels."

Setting up hotels

Sea Island Resort is part of a 71% discount deal.

Sea Island Resort is part of a 71% discount deal.

Sea coast

Airline companies are not the only travelers to lower prices on these weekends; there are hotels.

The online booking site offers secret coupons for Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday scratch, allowing you to save up to 7-10%, or hotel booking with 99% discount on over 250 happy times.

On Sunday, an ad campaign running directly from, starting at 12 pm, will last until Monday.

Other agreements in other areas. Virgin Hotels offers 30% of all reservations, for example, on Monday, November 26, Monday. The deal involves real estate only in Chicago and San Francisco and is only valid for traveling until April 30th. All customers as a bonus The advantage of the transaction will be introduced to overcome the free upgrade to the best suite of penthouse apartments in every hotel. (This part of the campaign is hashtag: #pentup.)
Pessimist hotels offered a 30% discount on real estate in New York, Chicago and Beverly Hills. This savings will start only on February 12, at 11:59 am. Cyber ​​Monday ET.
The Chicago Peninsula offers 30% savings between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

The Chicago Peninsula offers 30% savings between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Take a look at the hotel's hotels

In central Florida, recently opened by Margaritaville Resort Orlando, all luxury rooms have a discount of up to half and 35% off all other rooms. The resort is open in January and needs to be maintained until March 31st.
Finally, during the Thanksgiving days, guests who spend two nights in the Sea Island Resort receive 71% of the night's third night to reach a 71 ° average regional temperature. On the Georgian coast, this 5-star resort offers free golf and free breakfast for two people. Travel should end by the end of February.

Transactions at the international level are attractive.

For example, Banyan Tree Bangkok offers a 30% discount on the affordability of one-room suites with club access – a sweeter deal offering a concierge floor full of daily meals.
Curtain Hotel & Members club, near Shoreditch in London, offers 20% discount on the day of Thanksgiving, but travelers must pay for the reservation in full.
Seven Stars Resort & Spa at Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos will be available at discounted nights, up to 40% for all between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Designated discounts

Promotional events to celebrate Thanksgiving – Great opportunities to save big gardens while traveling through specific destinations.

For example, in Orlando. Orlando is officially designated by a travel agency, runs the website, and offers 10% of all theme park tickets purchased on holidays.

In addition, the organization has made Walt Disney World Resort more like $ 30 spent on flexible day tickets; Two additional days by buying a 3-park, 2-day Park-to-Park ticket for Florida Universal Studios; Two-day, 2-day, 2-day ticket price per day for Sea World; and Legoland Florida is free on the second day.

In Columbus, Colonial Williamsburg, travelers get 40% discount on any of five hotels, including Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg Lodge, Colonial Houses, Griffin Hotel, and Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and Suites. From November 25 to November 27, when the work is finished at 25 to 25 stores.

Other travel offers

The REI Adventures program offers discounts on the Greek Islands tracks.

The REI Adventures program offers discounts on the Greek Islands tracks.

Recommended by REI Adventures

Other travel suppliers will appreciate the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday products at a variety of discounts.

REI Adventures offers tour guides along with a chain of merchandise stores and has announced discounts on Greek Islands, Great Silence Mountain and other tracks.

This promotional campaign is important because it never happens; in general, the REI strives to simplify its travels. (REI offers a 30% discount on lessons and events on Monday, Monday.)

G Adventures is a model of clothing for more than 500 different trips, including trips to Switzerland, winter festivals in Japan, cycling in Vietnam, and the sacred valley of Peru.
Some cruise companies will refuse special discounts. For example, Viking River Cruises offers free airline tickets for sailors saving up to $ 599 per passenger.
Princess Cruises, on the other hand, offers passengers free accommodation, four guests free gifts, and a one-person ticket for up to $ 800.
Arizona's Miraval destination resort offers hundreds of dollar resort loans.

Arizona's Miraval destination resort offers hundreds of dollar resort loans.

James Baiji / Miraval

The Baroque Cruise Line European Waterways has opened a limited 30% discount for a limited time, which will allow you to lease all boats with barges in the spring of 2019, covering all of the 6 nights. Convenient travel passes through France and Scotland.
Vacations for vacation in other parts of Europe, for vacationers who have booked a 11-day English tour, will cost $ 500 per person on Monday. The tour stops in Stonehenge, the Hallstone Palace and the Highcler castle, for the favorite show "Downton Abbey".
Perhaps, no cyber Monday will be able to do any of the valuables on Mondays in Arvias, Tucson, in the spa.
The promotional offer includes $ 825 for one person on a three-day vacation basis, plus an additional $ 275 for resort credit per person per person plus 15% of retail spas.

The resort offers evening-style accommodation and all kinds of dishes, transfer transfers and more. include.

Liza Meissen, California's Haysburg-based travel advisor, sells experiments to Miraval's customers, and believes that Cyber ​​is "stealing" the Monday.

Meissner is a partner of Virtuoso traveling firm, so he can afford a $ 825 coupon loan at $ 825.

"I like to see tourist deals that allow me or my loved ones to give me a wonderful life experience," says Mausner. "What a great exercise and a mind after the holidays and holidays?".

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