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"Cleaners" are contaminated with documentary films in personal media

If you are reading this, you are on the Internet. If you're on the Internet, you need to see the cleaners.

With the help of directors, such as director Moritz Riesewieck and Hans Block, she discloses most inconvenient questions about social networks and online age. You may run away. But, as the film shows, most of the problem.

Presenting positive reviews Sundance Film Festival Laemmle Monica Film Center was opened in Los Angeles in January. Nothing has been said about widespread use of cinemas or streaming services, but one should take out the checkbook. This delicate movie was only important last year.

Theme Cleaners are the Internet Content Moderator: Have men and women worked to analyze your videos, photos, and social media messages, whether they are attacking or A-OK? Over the last few years false news, social media bubbles, Cambridge analytical dispute has caused polar discourse throughout the world Tough questions for Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Therefore, this internet site uses the armies of highly educated professionals to act as caretakers of our delicate senses.

Not exactly.

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Who is really watching the movie "Cleaners"?


In the movie, we will see some content moderators in Facebook and in the Philippines. dismissing police extreme content. When you are armed with the option to "delete" or "miss" each post, these digital detoxies have actually been 25,000 a day, with an infinite stream of photos and videos. They must speak to the naked picture of Donald Trump or to fight against the difficulty of finding pornography difficult. And eight seconds later, this nuance and high content editorial decisions should be made.

Do you want to delete or ignore it?

If they are mistaken, they will have trouble. But if they do not see it enough the appearance of these extreme images in their shifts can be difficult. Over time, the excitement of horror scenes will lead to different difficulties.

Purifiers are subordinate to home-based moderators, who show their families to be employed, even though it is dangerous. It's a good job in Manila, but it's basically a digital toaster.

"I've seen hundreds of heads of people," he says aloud with an anonymous voice. They are self-destructive, bitter, bitter video depicting intentional horror at war zones that expose children to sexual violence. Some people throw rubbish into rubbish instead of looking at a horrible video. Others tell us the film ends their lives.

Do you want to delete or ignore it?

The psychological impact of social media moderators is just beginning.


But the psychological impact of these fears over observers is just the beginning.

The cleaners expand and extend the social media's massive questions after the world's most dangerous questions. We see Mark Zuckerberg spoke about connecting the world. Then filmmakers take us to Turkey, Myanmar and the Philippines, where authoritarian governments go to political opposition, and social media outlets help eliminate them.

For example, YouTube may block certain videos of violence. However, this video will be displayed at the time of illicit air attack being hospitalized. When the citizens of war-states can not show violence to their countries in the world, those who throw bombs in schools will take it away. When the reports on the front are removed, the world can ignore the conflict.

At the same time, the marginalized weakening may become more and more social media algorithms are becoming more and more popular with gifts and self-extreme extreme opinions that they like and share. Here is a popular racist wave of violence in Myanmar aimed at the people of Rohingya who are facing genocide. As we approach the home, we see a shocking American game of debate that is becoming more and more popular for political debates. "Cleansers" are a great way to pay attention to journalists, artists, activists in the political spectrum and many other things around the world.

Paying attention to online gigantic content, Cleaners featured public hearings over the past 10 years, with Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Heavyweight silicone valleys, including one of the US Senate attorneys. He still speaks about the "advantage" of working for Google, but there are scratches on the facades. Asked about his role on Facebook Government censorship in Turkey, she answers: "I did not like this decision".

Compared with Precautions It's like taking a picture of social suffering from social networks.

Facebook and Google, and others, can not claim the control or responsibility of how long the content is live? Purifiers work exclusively to summarize issues related to social media. We do not know how to clean up this tension, but the movie has questions about Internet giants, governments and you can meet with me. It can not be ignored when democracy, openness, and debate are eliminated.

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