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Dating Programs Use Artificial Intelligence to Look for Love – Citizenship


Forget slipping through infinite profiles. Dating programs recommend finding where to go with artificial intelligence or what they say and even seem to be a favorite partner.

Soon to be acquainted with the smartphone – for example, there are some applications that allow you to see Tinder in real-time, and if you want to "meet someone" with your "finger" – ask it from someone and then spend the day well.

However, in order to tackle profiles, the online dating community moves to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help organize real-life meetings and act as a youth trainer.

At the four-day web summit held in Lisbon on Thursday, the new use of the AI ​​is designed to modernize human processes, such as thinking and decision-making on computers.

The online dating pioneer eHarmony has announced that it develops the AI-enabled feature that invites users to offer a meeting after a few minutes of talking in the program.

"There are plenty of activities for public action programs, but there are not many days," said Granth Langston, eHarmony CEO.

"Children do not know how to ask for it, and we wonder how many people we need to help, and we think we can do it automatically."

Under pressure

British dating program Loveflutter is planning to analyze the compatibility of AI users and agree to their presentation when they meet.

"We're really looking forward to you, and why do not you go to your first day?" Writes Daigu Smith, co-founder of the Lizfruit.

Loveflutter has already been using the Foursquare information to go to the first days of both homes, helping smartphones find nearby restaurants, bars and clubs.

"It's easier to organize this first day," said Smith.

Tinder's founder Shawn Rad predicts that AI "creates a good consumer experience" and assumes that iPhone's Siri Voice assistant will act as a future player in the future.

Voices turned on

A fully-fledged dating program, called AIMM, is currently being tested in Denver, with about 1,000 users, to provide a person's identification service.

When you open the app, you will be asked about a calming day or something you want to travel to.

Then, it gives you matching matches that match your personality. After selecting someone, you will want to go to the meeting and talk about them in the program.

After a few days, the program will help you set the phone number for you and your match, and recommend the first day based on the information you have about other people.

He speaks of things like "o", based on the character of a person who would offer a traditional personality, a dinner and a walk, "said program developer Kevin Teman.

Also, this program reminds you to ask questions about "important things for you".

After the day, the program checks with two people to see if they see it and see each other or continue to look at it.

Tean hopes to make it available next year in the United States.

Popular lookalikes

London's Badoo is now using AI and face recognition technology to find the match, which is no different to anyone, including the past or celebrity scrap.

Users can download somebody's picture and search for more than 400 million users around the world with Badoo.

The star of the "Reality" channel Kim Kardashian, the Oscar winner Emma Stone and the singer Beyonce are world-renowned celebrities. Last year, Badoo introduced the so-called Lookalikes.

However, not all people are convinced that AI will help to find love.

Among those who questioned the Web Summit were UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who explained that "people have chosen their spouses" as "some skeptics".

"Former Portuguese Prime Minister, who was married to Lisbon's city adviser, said," I'm very glad that I chose my own traditional ways.

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