Do you love Pokémon GO? Do you really love him? If you say yes, you may need to re-think passion for gambling if you notice how far you are from this Taiwanese Jazz. If everything can be fired, I think I'll do it and we're here to cheer.

After learning about the game, a 70-year-old man went through the bike with fifteen smartphones, jewelry, cables and universal banks and spent $ 4800 a night on his teeth. The installation looks very powerful and makes it easy for anyone to travel to any "Pokemon" while moving the city and getting acquainted with gaming enthusiasts.

I can not even imagine that my parents played Pokéon Go in one phone, and that grandmone will do simultaneously with fifteen phones, which will allow me to pick up my phone. Do not ignore that we all are like sketches compared to it. Congratulations, Grandmother, you are now joining the famous Italian grandmother as the grandmother of my dear grandfather.