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Is Kevin Durant-Draymond Green's voice a big deal?


The Gold State fighters, Los Angeles Clippers, went on to play the worst game on Monday nightclub: Kevin Durant and Drimmond Green were in close contact with their opponents, so they had to share the team. DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Andre Iguodala needed to cool both green and Durant.

Over time, the Warriors defeated 121-116. ESPN Adrian Voynowski reports that the Durant-Green drama "went on" with a "green squad with commanders" for the final game of the fourth quarter. without losing the ball to the floor as a ringing tone

It was the case with the Warriors, and made a cloud over a championship organization. Especially nowadays, Shams Charanya from Athletic has claimed that Green's Green Field is a free enterprise of Durant.

What happened?

Warriors in the middle of the 13th quarter in the fourth quarter. It lasted until one of the Golden State brands had been locked in the closure minutes.

Durante was in the middle of the Golden State. In the last six minutes of the season, he scored only five points, but also started with three assistants, including Clay Thompson, who cuts the deficit, and then added the game to 106.

With a chance to win the line and hands, Clippers gave the ball to Louis Williams, and Andre Iguolala stopped and drank long sweet Lu.

Then things became intense

When he got into the beard of Williams, Durant and Grin entered the ball. You can tell us that you are getting closer to Durant, but Green has been extensive to capture the rebels.

Some say that Duran stole "green" battles. Durant may not have access to rebranding, but this is not an important thing.

It is important what happens next

Instead of hitting the green ball with unwelcome hands on the rock and handing it to the most dangerous bomber of the league, he decided to raise the ball to the top. Clay Thompson also points for the ball, but if Green is green, Thompson fills his way and runs to the right of the floor.

It is green. It is the purpose set out in the sense of the phrase. He often dispatches ball and fighters. Many people have also drew attention to the decision not to set a waiting time for Steve Kerr, but this is typical for him. It surpassed the protection from far more terrible attack. That makes sense.

This ball does not have a green ball. It is not a bombardier, and it is not clear what the game has been in for less than five seconds, especially to cover the whole floor.

He tried to go as far as the coast, and Williams hit the ball. He made the green ball a blow, but it was too late. The sound was a buzz. The Golden State and Los Angeles attack took a long time, and the Warriors did not even hit.

Durant smiles about it.

Durant and Greene have no audio, but you can see her beating her chest and mouth: "Give me a sack ball!" For good reason, "Warriors brought Durant to Golden State." When the game is on the line, Durant shows the best. So NBA Finals MVP won two consecutive terms. It is cold in the human trunk.

Why do not we give him a ball? It gives all the meanings in the world.

In fact, you can not make any of the words that Green tells you, and in one of them, Drimant smiles at his head and smiles at the green. It's never a good sign when someone smiles during the meeting. Also, Dutanth Igugalda says, "I just try to play basketball."

As for the green, it did not require DeMarcus Cousins ​​to cool it off. Cousins ​​have repeatedly said to Green, "Lock."

It was before

Young and Durant began the animated debate with the Grizzlies Warriors team on January 6, the first season of the Druyan. That night, the soldiers made a 20-point explosion, and Green was green.

This argument was related to the refusal to block the offense instead of deranging Ballantin's ball and insulting the whole team.

NBC Sports Field As Monte Pole wrote, Green used this successful lesson as a lesson for Durant, who was trained by Way Warantors in a variety of situations. During the years in Oklahoma, the iso-ball was heavier. Life in the golden state was very different.

The previous arrest ended with Durant, blocking Memphis's elderly man, Zah Randolph, and lifting the 3th indicator from the top of the key.

"Green" and other people did not have a situation. The morning roller has successfully spent most of the night at Stephen Currie and Durant.

As Durant left, Green explained that it was not only green, but also why it was not necessary.

But we are already in grade 3, Durant knows his role, just like everyone else. The role of a hacker is usually close to teams when the basket is needed. The green was captured in the hands of the team, and then in the fourth quarter, the winner will be given the opportunity to his team.

Durant and Green will also be in 2017. In February, when the Kingdom losers were lost, they became agile. Athletics Anthony Slater saw the Super Bowl the next day.

Okay, so what does that mean?

First of all, warriors missed Stephen Carry. He missed only two wounded games, but it was without this command night and day.

Curry is not just the Golden State terrorist; he is their emotional leader. If he had come to the court, the ball would be in his hands; and you can say that the Warriors would not be the first of these disorders.

But, in fact, for a good team, this was really a bad thing, and even the controversy at this point may be the same. Good teams switch off the drama, and the Warriors are the standard of NBA achievement. After the game after Sean Livingston, he was called "the team spirit".

"Collective spirit. The children wanted to have other results than this one, "he said. "It was clear that the guys had a basketball game open, and they knew he did not. It's like having fun. But some fire was good to see some emotions.

Athletics Anthony Slater also reported that the secret room drama dropped off from the ultimate ownership of Grin and was responsible for playing.

But it was weaker than your average internal stress.

He sees that Dutanta leaves the Golden State this summer. His Instagram message ended with a long-term disappointment with his brother's remarks. The latter ownership of greenery and subsequent downturn can cause only Durant's free enterprise in light fluid.

After all, when Durant disappeared Monday, she dropped off the piece of clothing without speaking to reporters. The biggest fear of the Golden State can be left in the free enterprise.

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