Friday , October 7 2022

Legislator: Recycle container vans from solid domestic solid waste in South Korea


A parliamentarian on Monday demanded the return of 51 container vanes filled with solid garbage in South Korea as a result of the Korean attack.

In a special speech, resident of Iligan Frederick Xiao informed the Customs Bureau (BOC) that he had dispatched a garbage shipment to the Tagoloan port on July 24 at the Misamis Oriental port.

"As the representative of Iligan City, Iligan City residents do not accept 51 waste containers from South Korea. We are the buyer, Verde Soko Philippines Industrial Corp. and we demand that South Korea shippers pay all the costs of refunding to South Korea, "Xiao said.

On October 24th, Siao Verde Soko appealed for a refusal to go through his representative.

"On the same day, October 24, we realized that the total length of the cargo on the board was four months," Xiao said.

"This issue covers our laws on solid waste management, customs, tariffs and an international agreement called" Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Elimination. "

The deputy, referring to the BCC, said that the MV had 51 garbage containers Pure ocean, it may be "the largest of the wastes in the country."

In addition, the Deputy Minister of Environment, Trade (DTI), Interior and Justice Verde Soko Philippines Industrial Corp. asked for closure and seizure of all assets of the company.

"We would like all the officers and supervisors of the Werde Soko Filipino Industrial Corporation to be charged and charged with violating our laws, and be prosecuted. We want to join the list of detainees to prevent these guilty from escaping international airports and seaports, "he said.

Siao also requested that officials from DENR, DTI, DILG, and Tagoloan have an administrative and criminal charge against all employees who approved, processed and signed Verde Soko permissions and permissions.

"We want the Foreign Ministry to submit a written verbal or diplomatic protest against the Republic of Korea. We want the DFA to be handed over to the South Korean government to arrest, arrest, and prosecute the cadres of the Philippine Industrial Corporation Verde Soko in South Korea, "he said.

Xiao also asked the DFA to convene the Basel Convention, which will be attended by both the Philippines and South Korea.

"If South Korea declines, we will take the necessary measures as set out in the Basel Convention and its procedures," he said.

"This remembrance was recalled for the second time, and the garbage was sent from another country to the Philippines. The first one was from Canada, and we want DENR and DFA to inform the Congress of the Canadian dump, "Xiao said.

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