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Mexico this week's Netflix show


Narcos: Mexico, on Friday, November 16, if you have a new show that you can find at Netflix this week.

Recently, Netflix has been involved in a good criminal drama game. Last year we got a new series Mindhunter; this year we got a great new season Ozark and even worrying American Vandal it was massive hit until it was destroyed. One of the most popular criminal dramas in the streaming service Narcos and, fortunately, the show receives a series of comics, released this Friday, November 16th.

Like the original show, Narcos: Mexico illegal drug trafficking. The name itself attracted Mexico from Mexico to Mexico. In particular, it shows the rise of the Guadalajara cartel in the 1980s.

When your location changes, your casting will change. Diego luna (Rogue One) plays the leader of the cartel Felix Gallardo. With him, Michael Pena (Ant-Man and Wasp) as Kiki Camarena, DEA Agent, engaged in collecting intelligences about Gallardo. Both actors have a close relationship with Mexico and have to be intrigued to see them work on this service.

Since no performer is known as a particular person before this project, it is important for them to look at a vehicle that eventually comes to the star. Despite his missing Netflix movie, GrowthI would still answer that Narcos: Mexico It is one of Peña's leading projects.

This new series is described in general terms Narcos "Restore", so do not expect too much old pages and conversations. On the contrary, this is a great new opportunity to see a similar show dealing with other drug trafficking. Despite the fact that it was established in the 1980s, Narcos: Mexico A prominent event in the Mexican capital, featuring prominent performances in one of the show venues, has been promising.

Do you track Narcos: Mexico this week?

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